Covid-19 Information


August 2021 Update

Currently, all restrictions occasioned by Covid-19
operate in venues on a voluntary basis.

We follow whatever is seen as

best practice by each venue.

All concerts take place

within the provisions of

Government regulations and guidelines

we will update this statement as necessary.

2021 UPDATE.

Concerts will resume, HMG permitting, on 17 May.

Between 17 May and 21 June the measures previously in operation in 2020 during the limited resumption of indoor events will pertain.

Social distancing and mitigation measures are in place at all venues- please co-operate with them. These might include remotely taking your temperature as you come in,

and currently you are required to wear a face covering. Venues will in general now have a scannable QR Code panel- you are encouraged to 'check in' using your NHS app.

Please leave contact details when you book or attend for potential contact tracing IF your details are not already known to the venue.

These details will be held only for contact tracing and will then be destroyed, unless you wish to be notified of future concerts.

Full current government guidance linked here:

This is the relevant extract:

3.14 Can I go to the theatre or a concert?

You can now attend indoor and outdoor performances, for example dramatic, musical or comedy shows.

If you are watching the performance, you should:






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