Date: Thursday, June 30th 2005

Place: Walsworth Road Baptist Church, Hitchin, Herts

Time: 1 p.m..


Johann Sebastian Bach

Selection from the Well-tempered Clavier '48 Preludes and Fugues'

- Book 1 Nos 1, 17 and 21, Book 2 Nos 1, 2

(note: a different selection from what is played at Benslow on June 22nd)

Glenn Gould

Five Short Piano Pieces

Johann Sebastian Bach - arranged by Ferrucio Busoni

Toccata in C BWV564 (Toccata-Adagio-Fugue)


This recital will juxtapose pieces by Bach, an arrangement by a musical innovator and thinker from a century later, Busoni and original compositions of one of Bach's greatest interpreters, Glenn Gould.


Walsworth Road Baptist Church is the new home base of Hitchin Music Matters, an organisation promoting access to classical music in North Hertfordshire.

Booking arrangments: Free and unreserved at the venue. Retiring collection.

How to get there: Walsworth Road forms part of the B656 within Hitchin, the venue is situated immediately to the North of the town centre. There is a map on the venue website (link below). By train, turn left out of the railway station and walk a short distance along the Walsworth Road.

Links :
Hitchin Music Matters are the promoters
Walsworth Road Baptist Church have offered hospitality for the operations of Hitchin Music Matters.

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